Plant trees – Your grandchildren will breathe easy and the water will flow cool and clear.

The US forest service estimates that over 100 million trees have died from the effects of California’s 6-year drought. That is a lot of trees.

Replacing that many trees would require a huge effort by a huge number of people. They would be planted mostly in places where they had water available. Probably all over the US. Individuals, private groups, businesses, government agencies at all levels would have to be involved. The question is if the effort required to cause over 100 million trees to be planted can be justified (worth it)?

Hell yes, it is more than justified, it is critical. The goal should be much more than 100 million new trees planted. I think the goal should be over a billion new trees. Maybe no other activity is more important to maintaining life as we know it.

I am not very good at leading a call to action but I certainly am able to explain why action is needed.

Trees have special properties that will save life on earth.

The primary reason is photosynthesis:

CO2 + 2H2A + photons → [​CH2O​] + 2A + H2O

carbon dioxide + electron donor + light energy → carbohydrate + oxidized electron donor + water

In plain language. Trees use the energy from the sun and water to take carbon dioxide out of the air and store the carbon back on (in) the ground and in the process, releases oxygen back into the air. Want to reduce the amount of the carbon dioxide in the air that is causing global warming, trees are a major component of the answer.

Per Wikipedia “Photosynthesis is largely responsible for producing and maintaining the oxygen content of the Earth’s atmosphere, and supplies all of the organic compounds and most of the energy necessary for life on Earth.

Trees are critical to the earths water cycle, carbon cycle and oxygen cycle. Trees also are critical to the habitat of a huge number of species of plants and animals.

Besides all of the scientific reasons, forests are nice to walk through and kids think trees are fun to climb and build forts in. Trees add value to homes and property.  Planting a tree is a wonderful way to mark the years as your children and grandkids grow up.  It really does help the environment a lot.

So please plant trees and encourage those in your sphere of influence to plant trees also. Your grandchildren will breathe easy and the water will flow cool and clear.